What is NeoSparks? A Welcome, Warning & Invitation


INTRO: Who am I? It really doesn’t matter. Let’s let this be about us. But if you’re curious about some basics of who is convening this conversation, suffice it to say, innovation thrills me—all kinds of innovation but especially the Kingdom kind—innovation that meets the deepest and most profound human needs with the freshest and most powerful solutions God can fill our minds with; innovation that allows the Church to truly be the Church—the unstoppable movement of good that God first intended. Right now, I gratefully serve as a leader of an incredible church along with a team of soft- hearted but hard-thinking leaders. My specialty training is in theology (Dallas Theological Seminary), leadership and futuring (Regent University’s School of Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship), business and innovation (Harvard Business School). And, like you, I’m hungry for NeoSparks.

WARNING: NeoSparks is a dangerous and wonderful space—it’s where core problems and new solutions collide—throwing off conversational sparks. But not just any kind of conversations. These are conversations that clarify, decrapify, detoxify, dignify, magnify, modify, rectify, beautify and unify. These are conversations that make us better, deeper, richer. So I dare you: jump in! Disagree. Tweak. Force a pivot. Share an idea. Tell a story. Throw a spark. You just might start something new.

INVITATION: Together, let’s let NeoSparks be a space to breathe the pure oxygen of innovation. Let’s let it be a giant lawn of thick green grass to run barefoot on. Let’s let it be a 14,000-foot snow-capped mountain peak, above the noise, above the clouds—close to reality but far from normal. Ultimately, let’s let it be a virtual treasure chest of new ideas that will help us to shape a theology of innovation that we then execute on with relentless momentum for the good of all.


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