AN IDEAL SUCCESSION PROCESS–How to Plan for the Strongest & Healthiest Pastoral Succession


Successions fail or succeed based on the amount of careful and prayerful planning that goes into shaping the process. But most church leadership teams simply don’t know where to begin in crafting something as complicated as a senior leadership transition. After studying pastoral successions for nearly 2 decades and living through 4 of them, I’ve created a powerful template that will help any church of any size in any strategic or cultural situation to maximize the health and minimize the risk of an upcoming succession. It starts with mapping out the moves. This 4-phased succession process, with detailed recommendations on tasks and timelines, will give your church a fighting chance for your most flourishing future.

(NOTE: See also my post, “STRIKE A POSE–The 4 Primary Postures People Choose in a Succession.”)


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